Spring 2019

ECE 5550: Internet of Things
University of Iowa

Internet of Things (IoT) describes the evolution of the internet to intelligent devices, sensors, actuators, controllers, and other types of internet-enabled components; soon, IoT-based applications will enable seminal advances in a wide range of areas including health and lifestyle, transportation, smart cities, environment, energy, agriculture, and industry; topics include IoT logical and physical structure, IoT-enabled internet services, IoT devices/platforms/endpoints, IoT application domains, IoT security and privacy issues, and IoT data analytic; case studies and projects focused on design and implementation of a working IoT application.

Fall 2018

ENGR 2730: Computers in Engineering
University of Iowa

Advanced programming; good software engineering techniques including pseudocode and documentation, dynamic data structures, recursive programming, procedural and object-oriented computing, inheritance, and standard template library; contemporary and global impact of software and computers on society; robot programming lab arranged (using C/C++ language).